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Alternatives to Teaching

If you are tired of being in the classroom but not ready to leave the field of education altogether, you have a few career choices that will make positive differences in the lives of students. Consider your priorities, both personal and professional, jobs in early childhood education, before you make a career move. Once you have, you will be better able to make the best career choice. Take time to explore the education jobs available on EdJobsOnly to help you sort out your options.

  • Education Consultant – Work on your own terms with schools and publishers to create and develop education materials for students of all ages. Your classroom experience is valuable as it provides an authentic perspective on curricula that many students will use. Having a master’s degree and experience working in an office can be helpful if you want to make this transition to a potentially more lucrative and flexible career, notes Jen Hubley Luckwaldt in an article for com.
  • Online Classes – If you’re of an entrepreneurial spirit and you enjoy creating materials for students, try making your own classes and offering them online. Several sites offer teachers scheduling, payment, online whiteboard programs, and other tools to help them teach online one-on-one or to offer classes students can take at their own pace. Check out sites like Teachers Pay Teachers to sell worksheets and workbooks you create for other teachers to use.
  • Education Trainer – Training companies hire former teachers to teach teachers or employees in corporations new skills. Your knowledge of teaching will help you guide a different set of students: adults.
  • Test Creator/Evaluator – Standardized testing companies hire teachers to create and grade standardized tests. You can help make standardized tests more relevant to students’ lives and score their work during testing seasons.

Whether you are just looking to add some extra income to your paycheck each month or you want a completely new career that still impacts students’ lives, you have plenty of options as a licensed teacher. jobs in early childhood education, You are limited by your creativity and ability to research. Check out the jobs available on EdJobsOnly to start searching for your new job today.

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