Bright Future of a Career in Education

If you haven’t considered a career in education, maybe it’s time. While the job outlook for elementary and high school teachers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is about average (growth of 6 percent), there are many other ways you can earn a living teaching. Education is a diverse field, and, as a teacher or tutor, you can find jobs in places you may not have considered.

For example, if teaching in crowded and often underfunded public schools isn’t your scene, have you looked into teaching at a private school? The pay may not often be as high as that of public school teachers, but the benefits and smaller and quieter teaching environment may well compensate for low pay.

Additionally, you might look into part-time teaching jobs. If you teach a special subject like English as a second language or music, for example, you may not have a hard time finding part-time work. Special education teachers can often work part-time as well. Such a job lets you work more flexible hours, leaving you time to work another job if you want, or perhaps to start your own tutoring business on the side.

Are you stumped on where to find teaching jobs? Besides looking at schools on your school district’s website for traditional public schools, also see if there are charter schools that need teachers. Charter schools are public schools, but they have more leeway in how they use their funding, so they may have a different academic focus and environment than a regular public school. Also, look at sites that collect jobs for teachers in one place so that you can search many companies and districts at once.

Teacher jobs in America abound, but you might need to look beyond your local school district to online teaching jobs in order to find the best one for you. School districts, private online schools (that are accredited), tutoring companies, online home school companies, and more hire teachers to help write curriculum, teach students online, and oversee their academic programs. Your options are not limited to just teaching jobs at a nearby brick-and-mortar school.

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