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Jobs in Special Education

Jobs in Special Education work in a wide variety of classrooms and with students with different needs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has laid out detailed descriptions of some of the positions within the field of special education, and if you’re a teacher looking for a job in special education, one of these job profiles might pique your interest.

When you think of special education teacher, you likely think of a teacher working in preschool to 12th grade environments with children who have mild to moderate disabilities. These teachers use or modify the regular curriculum to meet the needs of their students. If they work with students with more severe cognitive disabilities, they may focus on life skills, communication, and literacy, along with the general curriculum. As a special education teacher, you might specialize in high-incidence disabilities in a pull-out or inclusion/co-teaching model.  Jobs in Special Education You might also work in a low-incidence classroom with students with sensory, developmental, or multiple/severe disabilities. These students are usually working on more basic skills. Teachers may also work with students with emotional / behavioral disorders, or students on the autism spectrum.

If you work in special education, you might also work as a speech-language pathologist. These special education professionals “assess, diagnose, treat, and help prevent disorders related to speech, language, cognitive-communication, voice, swallowing, and fluency,” according to the Council for Exceptional Children website. Occupational therapists also work with children with special needs,Jobs in Special Education,  and they help students with daily skills. Physical therapists may also work with special needs students who have physical limitations.

School counselors also work with students with special needs. They work at all levels of education, and they work with students who have academic and social development difficulties. They may also work with students with other special needs. They help students interact with each other and their teachers. At the high school level, they can help students plan for transition after high school, which may include further education and job training. Jobs in Special Education , It may also include job training and life skills for students with more severe disabilities.

As you look for jobs in special education, you might also consider job titles like assistive technology practitioner/specialist, teacher assistant, director/administrator for exceptional student programs, or college and university faculty in special education.

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