Finding the Right Teacher Job

Tips for Finding the Right Teacher Job

Tips for Finding the Right Teacher Job

State economies are recovering, and schools are hiring again. That’s the good news, but you will still likely have to put a lot of effort into finding the right teaching job. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect one.

1.) Cast Your Net Wide. Talk to everyone you know that may be able to help you. Let them know you’re looking for a teaching position. Look on every job board you can find. This is where comes in handy. This job board has done much of the search work for you. You can concentrate on polishing your resume and submitting it instead of scouring the Internet for the right job.

2.) Update that Portfolio. Whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned education professional, liven up your portfolio with excellent examples of student work and photos of your students at work, even your classroom. The National Education Association suggests creating an online portfolio as well so that employers can quickly get a feel for your teaching style. Bring the hard copy of your portfolio to the interview just in case an employer wants to see it.

3.) Evaluate Your Priorities. Before you launch into applying for just any teaching job, carefully consider your priorities in finding your next post. How close do you want to be to home? Do you want to teach overseas? Is there a particular school in which you want to teach? What about the salary? Right Teacher Job, Are you willing to trade a better working environment in a charter or private school for a higher salary in a traditional public school? What are the administration’s values and goals for the school and the students?

4.) Follow Up. You don’t have to be the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, but an email or phone call to the head of the school or hiring committee to let the person know you’ve submitted an online application could be a nice, personal touch. Follow up on your application a week or two after the application closed to find out what the next steps in the hiring process are. Right Teacher Job

5.) Ask for Feedback. If you don’t get the perfect teaching job this time, politely ask the interviewers and hiring managers what you could do differently next time to have your application on the top of the pile.


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