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Tips to Get Success in Your Education Job Interview

While finding an education job of your liking, it’s important to decide first what type of job you want, whether a school teacher’s job, a college professor’s job or a specialty teaching job. On we have all types of education jobs for you. Whatever is your experience level and choice of position and location, we have a position for you if you want to make a career in the education industry. Apart from this, we try to help you in other aspects too, like preparing for the interview. Education Job Interview, Here are some exclusive tips that will help you face the interview questions with confidence.

Do Homework

Just like you used to do homework when you were a student, you will have to do quite a lot of homework before going for the interview for a teacher’s position. Use all the resources available like the internet, library, teachers that are already employed and friends. Find out as much information about the school area as possible before the interview. At the school office, you may get printed materials. You can also take help of social media.

Amongst all this information, you should concentrate on school’s demographics, philosophy, curriculum, students’ academic and extra-curricular achievements, school’s initiatives, special programs and staff. The more information you have, the better. This will prove that you are interested in joining their school.

A Comprehensive Teacher Portfolio

A comprehensive portfolio is very important while you go for an education job interview. Don’t wait till the interviewer asks for your portfolio; instead, go on pulling out examples of your work and experience wherever necessary. This will show that you are well-organized. An excellent teacher portfolio may include:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Resume with some extra copies
  • Recommendation letters and references
  • Your teaching job statement
  • Sample lesson plans, student work, assignments, worksheets, etc
  • Examples of your technological skills like presentations, graphic design, spreadsheets, word processing and more

Prepare Ideal Answers to Questions

Gather all potential questions that are asked in a teacher’s job interview and prepare appropriate answers. Practice these answers. If possible, hold a mock interview with the help of family or friends.

Prepare for Behavioral Questions

In the teacher’s job interview, you will be asked a number of behavioral questions, so prepare for them. These include planning and organization, problem-solving, adaptability, resilience, integrity, communication skills and high energy levels. For example, describe how you plan a new study unit or project, Education Job Interview, or describe how you did a lesson wherein you used differentiated instructions, or describe a situation when you solved a conflict between two or more students, and so on.

Questions You should Ask the Interviewer

You too should ask some important questions to the interviewer which will show that you have given a significant thought to the job opportunity. These questions may include, what is the average size of classes, what extracurricular activities are available in your school for teachers’ participation, how often are meetings for staff held, and so on.

Choose Proper Clothes

Your first impression should be good and good means professional. You have applied for a teacher’s position, so your clothes should be formal and conservative, like a business suit, smart pants or dress with a jacket for women and a business suit, a conservative tie and a neural colored shirt for men. Too tight, too short, visible bras, heels etc for women and badly ironed shirts, comic ties, no shaving, etc for men are strict no-no.

Follow these tips and prepare for your education job interview and you have high chances to succeed. Remember that good intention, honesty, sincerity and hard work still pay; so, work hard, be confident and success is yours!

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