Best Way To Teach

What Is the Best Way To Teach?

After you sit in hours after hours of professional development courses to teach you the latest reading assessment or how to create the best lesson plan, it’s easy to get caught up in the technical parts of teaching. How can you reach each student if you don’t learn to differentiate? How can you create themed units that incorporate mini-lessons from Common Core to engage students but still be sure that they learn what they need to know for standardized tests? These questions plague teachers every day they are on the job. However, what is the real question? What is the crux of teaching?

“Teach from the heart,” suggests Stephen Rutherford, a 34-year veteran elementary science teacher featured in a video on Remember the passion you have for teaching, why you want to teach in the first place. Best Way To Teach

When you think about why you want to teach, you’re going to be your most effective. You will reach the most students, and they will retain what you’re trying to teach them more than if you are incredibly concerned about teaching by your college books about how to create and maintain an efficient and inclusive classroom.

As you walk into your next teaching interview, perhaps one you landed by putting in an application for a position you saw on, think about why you want the job. It’s more than to just make money. Best Way To Teach, You don’t just teach because you need a job. (If you do, then it might be time to consider another occupation that will make you happier.) You teach because you have enthusiasm for seeing your students’ eyes light up when they learn something they’re interested in or when they finally master that difficult concept. Best Way To Teach, Explain that to your interviewer.

You’re in teaching for the long haul. Teaching is sharing knowledge, and it’s just fun to do for a living. Use the tools you learn in staff meetings and PD classes to enhance your craft, but center your teaching around the real reason you’re there. You’re there to make a difference in the students’ lives in your classroom. Teach from your heart.

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